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Design Studio B.O.B.


Amaia Kurschinski



Design Studio B.O.B.


Marc Oortman

A big part of our job is thinking about brands and trying to predict new trends for the future. 
Usually this is something we do together with our clients. 
During the last months we learned more and more about the need of sustainable projects and brands. 
This is why at B.O.B we put our heads together and created a brief and design for a brand we would like to see on the market. 
We created a concept, a branding, a type design and a photo shooting for "The Wonky Blend Co". 
Concept: "The Wonky Blend Co." uses the imperfect fruits that are not pretty enough for being sold in the supermarket and makes seasonal juices out of them. The four different flavors contain the local fruits of the seasons spring, summer, autumn and winter. Every juice is a little bit different depending on the individual year's harvest.  
Happy patterns have been designed for each flavor, as well as little icons for the ingredients. Wonky is ecologic, local and sustainable. 
By relying on local products it goes back to the local routes and thereby becomes the juice of the future.
We hope this project is a little inspiration and we would love to work for more brands with a sustainable approach in the future. 

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