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Luizzo - Terrazzo Interior



+ Art Direction

+ Photography

+ Set Design

+ Webshop


Design Studio B.O.B.


Alessia Sistori

Lilly Friedeberg

Elisabeth Bos


Creative Direction, Styling & Postproduction

Design Studio B.O.B.


Marc Oortman

This company from Germany is all about bringing ancient manufacturing techniques back to live and into your living room. They design ethically produced terrazzo pieces using only sustainable materials from local producers. The elegant and minimalistic shapes of their side tables and interior accessories let the material they are made of speak for itself. Each piece is made by hand. Each piece is unique.

The art direction for this brand is based on the product itself and the ancient history that surrounds it. Terrazzo is one of the oldest human made materials and was decorating some of the most precious buildings of ancient Rome. This is why we took some of the most typical geometrical shapes of Roman architecture - Arches and pillars/columns - and used them as a base for creating the custom logo type.

The icon takes this same reference and combines it with the shapes of the products of the client: LUIZZO uses geometric 2D shapes like circles, squares and hexagons and creates wonderful 3D interior objects out of them. Just like that, the icon takes the shape of an arch combined with a hexagon and duplicates it, just like several arches located behind each other, and thereby creates depth and the feeling of a room.

The colors are inspired by the natural color of the material itself and underline the closeness to nature of this brand.

Also the packaging uses only paper and natural materials. Labels for the objects have been created as well as a personal icon set to indicate the attributes of the products and their manufacturing process.

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