Design concept for Kosol, a french brand that sells clothing for children. The design is very colorful and uses lots of different shapes and objects. The graphic and illustrative direction is suitable for all kinds of ages from baby to 6 years of age.


Several patterns have been designed, that are used not only on the graphical elements, but also as prints on fabrics for their first collection. For every upcoming collection, new patterns will be created and applied also on all the graphical elements of the brand.

To keep a strong visual appearance, we created a remarkable and highly recognizable logo that stands out next to all the patterns and shapes. The icon of the logo shows a koala who wears a baby suit and holds a button-balloon in its hand.

On one hand, it could seem like a bear wearing a baby's suit, on the other hand it could be a child wearing a koala suit.

The typography used for the wordmark is very clean and minimalistic. It uses bold, graphical shapes, that are easy to read for children and remind a little bit of toy bricks, due to its geometric shapes. For the fun factor and also to increase the brand personality, one of the letters has been transformed into the image of a button.


The brand image can be adapted to different ages and different characters of children, 

to reflect perfectly each of their own little personalities.

Branding/ Illustration

Art direction & design by Alessia Sistori & Lilly Friedeberg

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