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Design Studio B.O.B.

With assistance of:
Garance Poisson (Illustration)
Maria Tsilomitrou (3D Modeling)

DJANGAAL is a brand of soaps and cosmetics which are fabricated by hand in a little atelier in the east of France. All their products are based on natural and fairly produced ingredients only. 
As the name already says, their cosmetics and soaps have unique exotic smells: Each flavor has its own special combination of essential oils, besides the natural flavor, which is characterized through the smell of its natural ingredients only.
Brand Concept: Each flavor of this brand wants to make its user 'dive' into an exotic world far away. Through illustration we created the illusion of a cut-out in the packaging that works as kind of a gate through which one enters each of the worlds. The different jungles have their specific patterns, colors and plants, according to the ingredients and essential oils they are using. This is how we integrated this main information in a playful way on the front of the packaging and also created a lot of illustration elements that can be used throughout other brand assets.
All the packaging is made of recycled paper or recycled plastic. It was very important to maintain the recyclable aspect also in the printing process which is why the cardboard packaging of the solid soap only uses cut outs as finishing and no special coating. On the backside a round cut out allows a look and first smell of the product inside.

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